Flo Gardens Natural Pond Building Workshop @ the farm byron bay

Saturday 6th April  9am – 4:30pm

You will learn all you need to know about designing and building your own natural pond. 

A backyard pond or natural pool supports your local ecology. It is beautiful, educational and provides a place for relaxation and reflection. Learn how to build a natural ecosystem in this one day workshop presented by pond experts from Flo Gardens and facilitated by Aquascape Supplies. Replicating nature with fish, aquatic and native plants, rocks and pebbles to create an ecological balance and clear water. A complete low maintenance system that can be built in one day that provides food, shelter and safety to the wildlife in and around the pond, and a piece of paradise in your own backyard. 

This full day workshop will give you hands-on knowledge and experience to design and build your own natural pond or pool.

  • Create your own backyard ecosystem

  • Learn from experienced pond builders

  • Be a participant in building a natural pond in one day

  • All design elements covered, from size, position, layout, options of flow, rocks, planting, fish, aquatic and native plants

Includes all day refreshments and lunch provided by the Three Blue Ducks restaurant.

Adam Grabowski from Flo Gardens will be hosting this workshop in conjunction with Aquascape Pond Supplies. 

Flo Gardens are Byron Shire’s specialists in natural ponds and pools, backyard ecosystems and aquaponics. This practical workshop will give you all the confidence to create a beautiful natural pond or pool that not only looks good and is low maintenance. 


Course: EXPLORING Aquaponics


Ever tried to grow your own food and found it too difficult and time consuming? Are you keen to create a sustainable lifestyle for yourself and your family but don't know where to start?

This workshop will give you the tools to easily grow vegetables and seafood in your own home. Aquaponics is a sustainable system of food production which uses 90% less water and grows 2-3 times faster than soil grown vegetables. 

Whether you have some experience of aquaponics or none at all, this workshop will inspire and inform you on the latest advancements in the area as well covering the absolute basics. 

At Flo Gardens we create sustainable and nourishing backyard ecosystems where food grows and nature thrives. This course is the culmination of years of research and development in the aquaponics and backyard ecosystems realm. We want to share our knowledge and experience with you to make growing easy and fun so you can be confident about where your food comes from. 

Join the revolution of people taking their food back into their own hands.

Course Details

Exploring Aquaponics: growing seafood and vegetables together in your backyard.

Come and discover the easiest way to grow seafood and vegetables in your own backyard.  

This workshop covers the basics of backyard aquaponics:

  • Basic aquaponics theory

  • The nitrogen cycle/aquaponics ecosystem

  • Different types of setups, grow beds, pumps and equipment

  • Integrating an aquaponics system efficiently and aesthetically into your backyard

  • Understanding the fish and plant species used in aquaponics

  • How to approach the design of your system, to ensure success

  • Fish to plant ratios

  • System maintenance and troubleshooting

  • Understanding basic water testing methods, including pH, and interpreting their results

You will leave the course with a good understanding of aquaponics for backyard or commercial application. This course is the precursor to our Advanced Aquaponics Course, coming soon.  

Course Cost: $125 incl. GST

Spaces are limited click here to book 

About Us:

Flo Gardens is a local family business directed by Adam Grabowski. Adam’s passion for edible gardens and sustainable gardening practices led him to Aquaponics 4 years ago. He has spent the last 3 years in pursuit of the ultimate aquaponics system. His experience in Eco Systems, Bush regeneration and landscaping shapes his holistic approach to backyard food production and gardening. Adam lives and breathes Aquaponics! Adam also specialises in Landscaping and services all areas in the Byron Shire.

The Venue

The course will be held at 1/10 Bonanza Dr Billinudgel. This is the Flo Gardens HQ where we create our magic… 

We have limited numbers so to confirm you place, text or call Adam on
0421 500 096 or sales@flogardens.com.au.