About Us

Our vision is to create sustainable and nourishing backyard ecosystems where food grows and nature thrives.

Our Core Values

  • To be a market leader in education about homegrown sustainability and backyard ecosystems.

  • To inspire a reconnection with nature and spark positive change in the way we think about food production and consumption.

  • To provide our customers with the knowledge and tools to design and create their own thriving backyard ecosystems.

  • To enable our customers to grow sustainable and nourishing food.

  • To stay in touch with innovations in backyard sustainability practices and offer our customers a range of products and services that reflect these developments.

  • To collaborate and knowledge share with individuals and organisations in our community.

  • To be honest, transparent and fair in all business practices. To show consideration, kindness and integrity in all that we do.

adam's story

I have always had an interest in growing food. Growing up in the inner west in Sydney I spent my afternoons and holidays with my Polish grandmother in her garden. She dedicated every inch of her backyard to growing food to feed her family. Having migrated post war to Australia with nothing growing food was a means of survival.

Growing up I had always been passionate about gardening and loved creating ponds and planting fruit trees and digging veggie patches. I later moved into Bush Regeneration. I worked in this field for 15 years. After becoming a father I realised I needed a change in direction. I wanted my kids to know where their food came from so I started converting my average suburban block into an aquaponics garden. I dug a pond and started experimenting with ideas I found on the internet. I was producing some great seafood and vegetables but the time I spent maintaining the system was huge. I figured there had to be a better way.

I have always envisioned sharing my passion for growing food with the wider community. I believe growing our own food is the future of food in this country and globally. Looking around I found so many inspiring aquaponics stories out there. I decided to dedicate my time to developing a system that essentially ran itself. Years later, I have finally finished developing this system.  

The fruit and veggies are the most nutritious you can find and they taste amazing. The fish tastes so clean and there are no risks of heavy metals like ocean fish.

We are looking for help to spread our message and innovations. I would love to come talk more to you about this. My number is 0421 500 096