Exploring Aquaponics Workshop
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Exploring Aquaponics Workshop


Ever tried to grow your own food and found it too difficult and time consuming? Are you keen to create a sustainable lifestyle for yourself and your family but don't know where to start?

This workshop will give you the tools to easily grow vegetables and seafood in your own home. Aquaponics is a sustainable system of food production which uses 90% less water and grows 2-3 times faster than soil grown vegetables. 

Whether you have some experience of aquaponics or none at all, this workshop will inspire and inform you on the latest advancements in the area as well covering the absolute basics. 

At Flo Gardens we create sustainable and nourishing backyard ecosystems where food grows and nature thrives. This course is the culmination of years of research and development in the aquaponics and backyard ecosystems realm. We want to share our knowledge and experience with you to make growing easy and fun so you can be confident about where your food comes from. 

Join the revolution of people taking their food back into their own hands.


Exploring Aquaponics: growing seafood and vegetables together in your backyard.

Come and discover the easiest way to grow seafood and vegetables in your own backyard.  

This workshop covers the basics of backyard aquaponics:

  • Basic aquaponics theory

  • The nitrogen cycle/aquaponics ecosystem

  • Different types of setups, grow beds, pumps and equipment

  • Integrating an aquaponics system efficiently and aesthetically into your backyard

  • Understanding the fish and plant species used in aquaponics

  • How to approach the design of your system, to ensure success

  • Fish to plant ratios

  • System maintenance and troubleshooting

  • Understanding basic water testing methods, including pH, and interpreting their results

You will leave the course with a good understanding of aquaponics for backyard or commercial application. This course is the precursor to our Advanced Aquaponics Course, coming soon.  

Course Cost: $125 incl. GST

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The Garden Club
to 23 Sep.

The Garden Club

Please come and be part of the second Garden Club Party. This is our monthly collaboration of local musicians and performers to support the creation of sustainable gardens at Ocean Shores Public School

This event will feature Gabriel Otu and Happy Africa, A Comfortable Suit, Cabaret with Paddyoke and DJ Lippo

Get ready to dance and celebrate for a better future. So our kids know where their food comes from.

Ticket includes entry and finger food. Wine and Beer will be available for sale.

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Flo Gardens Grand Opening
9:00 am09:00

Flo Gardens Grand Opening

Flo Gardens are the leaders in aquaponic innovation and backyard ecosystems, we are set to inspire and educate the public when we open our doors for the first time!

Our official opening will showcase our unique plant species, including carnivorous plants, rare bromeliads and local native species. Visitors will also have an exclusive preview of Flo Gardens’ latest innovation in aquaponics. 

Ours vision is to revolutionise the food systems of the future though innovation in aquaponics and is excited to share his expertise and educate the public. 

There will be talks running throughout the day on sustainability and local ecosystems led by a range of experts in the field. 

The opening day will also showcase some of the region’s most innovative sustainable businesses with Compost Central, Healthy earth, Sea Energy, Cricket Foods and Landcare exhibiting on the day. 

Flo Garden’s services currently include landscaping and education which focus on creating beautiful environments with an emphasis on edible plants and the restoration of native species. 
The new retail space is located at 1/10 Bonanza Dr Billinudgel and will be open from 9am-3pm on the Saturday, September 22.

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