The Garden Club is a collaborative and educational gardening club, focusing on backyard ecosystems, natural pools, ponds, aquaponics and
local native plant species.

Memberships are available for $50 per year which includes 4 FREE monthly workshops every year!

Membership also includes involvement in the members only eco-blitz projects, the opportunity for an eco-blitz at your own property, discounts on all Flo Gardens plants and products, and a positive project based learning environment.

All workshops are normally priced at $50 unless stated otherwise

Upcoming Garden Club Events

Sat 9th March (2-4pm)

MEET & GREET (Flo Gardens Billinudgel)

Meet and greet Garden Club members and facilitators from Flo Gardens.

BBQ and free kids workshops.

Sat 13th April (2-4pm)

BACKYARD ECOSYSTEMS - Workshop (Flo Gardens Billinudgel)

Open up your world and embrace your backyard and see the how easy it is to create backyard ecosystems, which will be abundant with food, encourage our local wildlife to flourish and look incredible.

We will look at ponds/natural pools, aquaponics (the future of food), insect breading, local plants and animals.

Sat 11th May (2-4pm)


See how easy it is to grow your veggies and seafood in your own backyard. It’s exiting and liberating watching your own food grow.

Other workshops options this year

  • Worm farms and insect breeding

  • Soils and composting

  • Grow Mushrooms

  • Having Bees

  • Growing local natives/encouraging local wildlife

  • Local Bird walk/talk

  • Weeds identification and removal

  • Design your own backyard ecosystem

The Garden Club will also meet monthly for an onsite eco-blitz at a members property.

New members will also go in the running to win a free Aquaponics system.

Join the movement and become a member.