The Garden Club is a collaborative and
educational platform.

Our focus is to support our community by sharing expertise and advise on the latest innovations and approaches, to outdoor environments.


It is an open hub that connects local experts with community members.


To inspire reconnection to our natural environment and easily grow our own food.


Creating a supportive and fun space for likeminded people to come together and share expertise, experience & ideas.



Your Membership includes:

  • 4 FREE  workshops every year at FloGardens HQ facilitated by your choice of our most inspiring outdoor experts!

  • Involvement in the members only garden club backyard blitz, where members come to your property and complete a specific project.

  • Discounts on selected Flo Gardens products.

  • Plus! a positive project based learning environment

Upcoming Garden Club Events

Sat 14th SEPTEMBER (2-4pm)

DESIGN YOUR OWN BACKYARD - Workshop (Flo Gardens Billinudgel)

A practical workshop where we work with a plan of your current property to design your own backyard ecosystem. Let us help you create your dream garden whilst fostering biodiversity and connection to our local native environment.

Other workshops options this year

  • Worm farms and insect breeding

  • Soils and composting

  • Grow Mushrooms

  • Having Bees

  • Growing local natives/encouraging local wildlife

  • Local Bird walk/talk

  • Weeds identification and removal

  • Design your own backyard ecosystem

The Garden Club will also meet monthly for an onsite eco-blitz at a members property.

New members will also go in the running to BE THE RECIPIENT OF THE GARDEN CLUB BLITZ PROJECT IN YOUR OWN HOME.

Join the movement and become a member.