Resun King 3AFLO Low Voltage Fountain Pump - 4000LPH


Resun King 3AFLO Low Voltage Fountain Pump - 4000LPH


Max Flow: 4000L/hr

  • Max Head: 2.35m

  • Flow at 1m: 3500L/hr

  • Cable Length: 5m (may be extended up to a total of 60m)

  • With this 24VAC low voltage pump you can extend the pump cable using our 3.3mm2 low voltage cable with connectors to a total of 60m before a voltage drop occurs

  • Power Consumption & Voltage: 75W 24VAC

  • Transformer included (see image) - Outdoor IP68 rated 24 Volt AC 100VA, 4.2A. Being ingress rated IP68 means that it can be buried in wet ground.

  • Attachments: Flow Control, single and double volcano, foaming geyser, bell fountain, foam filter, waterfall outlet, aerator venturi outlet fitting

  • Inlet Size: 25mm barbed director & 1" BSP female threaded inlet

  • Outlet Size: 19mm and 25mm barbed director adaptors which screw into the 3/4" BSP female threaded pump outlet. Also 12mm, 19mm, 25mm & 3/4"BSP male thread off the fountain head tee-piece if you run the fountain and waterfall

  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 200x108x140mm

  • Max permissible fluid temperature: 35 deg celsius

  • Weight: 3.5kg

  • Inline use: Suitable for use inline externally as a flooded suction set-up.

  • Fully submersible


Warranty: 2 years (motor only, excludes impeller)

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