Flo Gardens Natural Pond Building Workshop @ the farm byron bay

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Flo Gardens Natural Pond Building Workshop @ the farm byron bay


You will learn all you need to know about designing and building your own natural pond. 

A backyard pond or natural pool supports your local ecology. It is beautiful, educational and provides a place for relaxation and reflection. Learn how to build a natural ecosystem in this one day workshop presented by pond experts from Flo Gardens and facilitated by Aquascape Supplies. Replicating nature with fish, aquatic and native plants, rocks and pebbles to create an ecological balance and clear water. A complete low maintenance system that can be built in one day that provides food, shelter and safety to the wildlife in and around the pond, and a piece of paradise in your own backyard. 

This full day workshop will give you hands-on knowledge and experience to design and build your own natural pond or pool.

  • Create your own backyard ecosystem

  • Learn from experienced pond builders

  • Be a participant in building a natural pond in one day

  • All design elements covered, from size, position, layout, options of flow, rocks, planting, fish, aquatic and native plants

Includes all day refreshments and lunch provided by the Three Blue Ducks restaurant.

Saturday 6th April  9am – 4:30pm

Adam Grabowski from Flo Gardens will be hosting this workshop in conjunction with Aquascape Pond Supplies. 

Flo Gardens are Byron Shire’s specialists in natural ponds and pools, backyard ecosystems and aquaponics. This practical workshop will give you all the confidence to create a beautiful natural pond or pool that not only looks good and is low maintenance. 

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