A healthy retirement plan

Grow your own food for a healthy retirement Retirement can be an incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling time in your life. There's plenty of time to relax, take up new hobbies and enjoy time with the grandkids. But on the other hand, it can bring with it a whole new set of stresses and challenges. How to stay busy, healthy and financially secure are some of the main concerns for people entering retirement.

It’s the perfect time in your life to take up a new hobby that will keep you healthy, keep your grocery bill in check and give you a sense of purpose and satisfaction. Here’s why we think growing your own fruit and vegies using aquaponics could be the key to a healthy retirement.

What is aquaponics? Aquaponics is a way to grow vegies, berries and seafood in your own backyard in a system that includes a fish tank, a pump and grow beds. You feed the fish, the fish create poo, and the poo feeds your vegies. The incredible thing about growing food using aquaponics is that the roots grow directly in water – there’s no soil required. The water is a nutrient rich environment created by the bi-products of the fish waste, which means that plants grow three times faster and use 90% less water than soil gardens.

leafy greens
leafy greens

Health benefits of growing your own vegies

With the daily routine of work and caring for others behind you, it’s the perfect time in your life to introduce some beneficial new habits and say goodbye to some of those old unhealthy ones. One of the most effective ways to increase your long term health is - you guessed it - eating more of those fruit and vegies, especially ‘superfoods’ like kale, berries and broccoli and leafy greens. Heaping more vegies on your plate helps to keep your weight under control, provides plenty of natural fibre and they're rich in disease fighting properties.

An added bonus is that if you decide to use edible fish species, you get to eat fresh seafood that you've raised yourself. There's nothing that tastes quite as fresh as a fresh fish straight from the tank.

Just imagine stepping outside and taking your pick of delicious herbs, vegies and seafood that are bursting at the seams with nutrients and vitality! You’ll be able to get creative in the kitchen trying out new recipes and everything will taste just that much better knowing you’ve grown it yourself.

Money in your pocket In an ideal world, nutritionists recommend eating 400 – 800g of fresh fruit and vegetables every day for optimal health, but with today’s spiralling grocery costs, growing your own food is a much more sensible approach, especially during retirement when money can be tight.

With the money you save on your weekly shopping bill, our Flogardens aquaponics systems pay for themelves within the first year. With Aquaponics, plants growing three times faster than a regular vegie patch, you’ll never need to shop in the grocery aisle again!

You don’t need a large garden – or a garden at all for that matter! Gone are the days when retirees spend their remaining years in their family home with a huge backyard. These days, many choose to downsize and opt for low maintenance properties. Which is great, but sometimes that doesn't leave enough space to get a vegie garden going.

Not to worry, because small gardens aren’t a problem with a Flogarden aquaponics system. They’re designed to be compact and because the plants grow directly in water, there’s no need for soil, so you can grow enough vegies, herbs and berries to feed two people in a space not much bigger than 1.5m x 1.5m.

The best news? No soil means no back-breaking weeding!

A new hobby for better mental health Studies show that introducing a new hobby or skill can increase your cognitive function, improve your memory and increase your sense of wellbeing.

The grandkids will love it Aquaponics really is something the whole family will enjoy. The kids just love feeding the fish, and everyone will be blown away by the fabulous meals you throw together with your fresh home grown produce. You might even get the kids to eat their greens!

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