The Beginning


I've always wanted to be able to have a superb veggie patch to feed my self, and later on my family. A garden where my kids could one day experience what I did. A lot of people have had this dream. I grew up in Dulwich Hill in the inner suburbs of sydney. My grandparents were amazing people. Surviving WW2 and escaping Poland, they made their way to Ashfield, where my paerents met. I spent a lot of my childhood at my mum's parents place. Their backyard is my inspiration. It was an average size yard. The left side of the yard all along the fence line was a large veggie patch. In the back left corner and along the right side were fruit trees.

I spent a lot of time preparing food and helping my grandmother cooking. These memories will never leave me. The smells and the smiles. The pleasure and pride my grand mother would put into every meal. This is how I remember my early childhood and amazingly she is still smiling at 93.

I gained a very close personal relationship with veggies and and plants in general thanks to my grandmother. I ran a garden maintenance business straight out of high school. I worked with tropical plants. I still wasn't satisfied. I did 12 years of bush regeneration, still not satified. It still wasn't what I really wanted to do....

I've alway wanted to create that perfect backyard. It constanly evolved in my head.